Speedstream Game

Gameplay Videos

Before race begins, players have to set up the game, build track and deal all needed game elements.

Track is being build out of available track sectors and additional elements like walls, boosters, stoppers and equipment dispensers.

To properly tune your speeder it’s recommended to know more about your vehicle.

Each speeder has the same attributes before race starts, and it’s up to player to prepare the vehicle for upcoming run.

Each speeder moves exactly number of spaces equat to speed level. Deciding on speed change is the first thing to do in player’s turn.

Vehicle have to use all movement points, equal to speed level by moving forward that number of spaces. During movement speeder may change track lanes, but must move only to forward-adjacent spaces.

Taking corners is the most important and the most dangerous moment in a race. Perfect cornering is the key to winning. You can take corners more safely on outer lanes, or take aggressive attempts on inner ones and push your luck!

Outrunning competition is not an easy task. It can be achieved
in many ways, some are fair play while some are not. When you are on the lead, everyone behind you is determined to get you by all means necessary.

Fun begins when Equipment Cards enter the play. You can
use them to attack your opponents during your turn.